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Pastor Mauricka McKenzie, Sr. discovered years ago that there was a calling upon his life to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to start and grow churches. He was licensed to preach in 2004 and ordained to pastoral ministry in 2005.  He has preached at a number of churches and has pastored two other churches in the past.  The call of God has led him to start a church in Clinton, MS.  This heavenly calling is to start a new congregation here on the north side of Clinton called "Fountain of Life Baptist Church".

What will make this new church different from all the others in this community? This new church will differ regarding ministry, missions, and how it equips its saints with the Word of God. Fountain of Life will use a church design heavily teaching ministry-focused, with regular Wednesday Bible Studies as our Fulfilment Hour and Sunday Worship Service, where the Word of God will be taught and expounded. During Fulfilment Hour, we will introduce and discuss Bible passages, discuss mission opportunities and explore ways to evangelize the lost.

Fountain of Life will aim to be connected with the Southern Baptist Convention through the Metro Baptist Association and the Mississippi Baptist Convention. We are also associated with the Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention. Fountain of Life members will be blessed with opportunities to participate in missions, ministry, and church planting here and worldwide. This church will stand as a witness for our Lord as a Baptist presence in this neighborhood. Fountain of Life will also be involved in ministering throughout the community. We will actively give back to the community we and our members are located in.